FlexLayouts is an open source library of custom Flex 4 layouts that I’ve veen working on with Gilles Guillemin. Today, I’m happy to announce the first public beta release, v0.5, is available for immediate download. The FlexLayouts Gallery will be your source for layouts, sample code, and documentation. Today’s release includes beta versions of two simple 2D layouts: FlowLayout and SnakeLayout.

Our Dream

We admit v0.5 is not much to look at but imagine a future where a huge number of robust, well tested layouts (both 2D and 3D) exists and is readily available with both sample code and exceptional documentation. You could just slap together some vanilla Flex components, drop in an awesome custom layout (like Gilles’ CoverFlowLayout), and ka-BOOM, you have an awesome custom component that impresses co-workers, bosses, and clients equally. That’s the dream: to take one of the most portable, re-usable pieces of the Flex framework, make a massive library, and empower the next generation of custom components.

Ransom Note

I whipped together a quick sample application using FlowLayout that I’m calling Ransom Note. It pulls together a list of images of letters that look as if they were cut out of a magazine or newspaper and pasted together. It follows one of the most common custom layout patterns which is: List + ItemRenderer + custom layout. The actual implementation uses the lighter weight version: DataGroup + DataRenderer + custom layout, because I don’t need any of the list selection stuff.

Check out the finished product:

» RansomNote (view source enabled)


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