Here’s a long list of my various projects. Some are cool and useful, and some are definitely not…


  • Jab-a-Face – A fun little whack-a-mole-style game for kids (and adults too). It’s is a universal app, so it runs and looks great on both iPhone and iPad. Always free, and never any ads!
  • States-N-Capitals – A friendly little memorization aid for US states and capitals. It also has a quiz mode to test your knowledge. Always free, and never any ads!

WordPress Themes

  • Viceroy – A one-column WordPress theme with a dash of pink. Powered by Blueprint CSS, a grid-based CSS framework, Viceroy uses pure CSS and typography to create a captivating minimalist style.



Just Ideas…

  • Taipan – This is easily the greatest game of all time.  I first played it on my best friend’s Apple IIc in the late 80′s. We met again as DopeWars for the Palm in the 90′s.
  • SMS Texas Hold’em – I assert that it is not only possible, but quite fun, to play a round of Texas Hold’em via SMS.
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