I’m Justin “Juice” Shacklette – just your average, every-day physicist-turned-developer. This is my blog, and all opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone.


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I love code, it’s as simple as that. I also have a deep and abiding love for new stuff. You can read about my Code or check out some of the Projects that I’m working on right now. Additionally, all code on this blog is MIT licensed. Preserve my copyright in the code, and use it however you want (commercial or non-commercial) for free. If you do something really cool with something I wrote, I’d love to hear from you.


I’m happily employed as a Mobile Developer at Rosetta Stone.


I originally came to Boulder, Colorado to attend physics graduate school and play ultimate frisbee, but not necessarily in that order. Boulder is such an amazing place that I really can’t imaging living anywhere else. Over time I slowly accumulated a wife (her blog), two beautiful daughters, and dog.

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