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I’ve been in the game for a few weeks now at Gorilla Logic and I’m really enjoying myself. My first task on my first client project was to write my bio. What fun!

So, of course, I started with my usual process of thinking (and thinking some more) before actually doing anything. What is a bio, really? What do I want to say? And what is the client looking for? My basic conclusion – the client wants to see value for their money. So a good bio needs to show that I know my shit, that I’ve been around the block, and that I make a good teammate. I also decided to add a sugary coating with a little humor.

Here’s what I came up with:

Justin has five years of experience in end-to-end software development, and spent the last two building large scale, consumer-facing web applications with Adobe Flex. He brings a unique combination of “what’s cool” frontend design experience with secure and efficient enterprise-class backend architecture. Justin is also a passionate leader and coach, familiar with development teams and the development process.

In his younger years, Justin earned his PhD in physics before turning to software engineering. His Evil thesis advisor had him working day and night on a portable laser beam system that could be mounted on the head of a shark.

When I re-read it now, it certainly comes off a little used-car-salesman-ish. But it’s all true, except for the sharks. (I actually did quite a bit of laser physics for my thesis, so it’s not complete bullshit.) I also like the tone – it reads knowledgeable with a touch of Austin Powers dashing. I found it interesting during the writing process that with too many resume-type details my bio sounded phony, like I was trying too hard to impress. As I began to prune them away, I was able to achieve the knowledgeable tone I was hoping for.

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